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Quickbooks vs Wave: Which Software is Best for You?

If you are on a tight budget and only have simple accounting needs, Wave might be sufficient. QuickBooks may be preferable if you’re willing to pay for advanced features, such as inventory management, class and location tracking, and project accounting. Wave offers a free plan for basic accounting and invoicing, while QuickBooks offers paid versions with more enhanced accounting features like inventory, time, and project tracking. I only had to keep track of my ice cream bucket with my business, but if you sell a product, you’ll probably have a bit more to organize.

To make things a bit easier, we’re taking a look at both Wave and QuickBooks Online, providing you with a side-by-side comparison of the two applications. With QuickBooks Checking, you can get integrated bookkeeping plus instant deposit of your payments, plus 1% APY interest on your balance (as of July 6, 2022). Transaction fees apply on both platforms, and all payment methods are optional. You can disable payments and let clients pay another way, such as through a paper check or PayPal. Both Wave and QuickBooks offer solid invoicing features and capabilities for small businesses. In this review of Wave vs. QuickBooks, we’ll look at how the services stack up, including their features, pros and cons, and which kinds of businesses can benefit from each.

The reporting feature is a little more robust in QuickBooks vs. Wave. QuickBooks Online has more than 50 different types of reports that can be built within the program. Wave is often preferred for very small businesses or freelancers, while QuickBooks is suitable for a wider range of business sizes with more complex accounting needs. We wrapped up the best apps that integrate with QuickBooks in our guide to the best QuickBooks Online integrations for small businesses.

To learn why Wave is our leading free accounting software, read our review of Wave. You can automate workflows between the two platforms to create and send a QuickBooks invoice for every new Wave invoice and more—no code required. But if you’re a medium to large business or even a small business that’s growing quickly, QuickBooks will have the features you need to scale. Yeah, you’ll pay quite a bit more, but it’ll likely be worth it to help you scale efficiently.

  1. QuickBooks by Intuit is a mainstay in online invoicing and accounting for small businesses.
  2. Yeah, you’ll pay quite a bit more, but it’ll likely be worth it to help you scale efficiently.
  3. And then when it did load my location’s sales tax requirements, it didn’t automatically apply that to my invoice or even let me override whatever was going on to manually apply the rate.
  4. Using billing software helps to eliminate some or all potential human errors by automating several processes that are normally done manually.

The Ascent is a Motley Fool service that rates and reviews essential products for your everyday money matters. Editorial content from The Ascent is separate from The Motley Fool editorial content and is created by a different analyst team. While Wave’s reports are adequate, you have much more data at your fingertips with QuickBooks Online’s reporting capabilities. QuickBooks Online offers more than 50 standard reports that can be customized within the application, exported to Microsoft Excel for further customization, or saved as a PDF. Both Wave and QuickBooks Online offer good integration with other software apps. You can also import data from other applications using the Import Data option in QuickBooks Online and a CSV file or a Microsoft Excel file, and if you get stuck, you can access help from any screen.

The finished product looks great and is easy to track within the Wave software. Tracking expenses is especially important to freelancers, because when taxes roll around, many expenses can be deducted, saving hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars. QuickBooks allows minute details to be tracked, including dates, payment method, categories, etc. While both programs import transactions, only QuickBooks Online allows you to manually match the imported transaction to an existing transaction in your books. Wave attempts to match the transactions automatically—but often fails.

Its simple $15-a-month plan lets you send simple invoices, track mileage, and get quarterly tax estimates to make end-of-year tax payments easier. Both QuickBooks Online and Wave Accounting have highly rated mobile apps. With both accounting providers, iOS and Android users can accept payments, access funds, create and send invoices, and chapter 2 recording business transactions flashcards check income and expenses on the go. Despite the fact that Wave supports unlimited users, businesses that continue to hire employees or expand their operations will quickly outgrow it. On top of not having an audit trail to keep larger small businesses accountable, it doesn’t offer multiple plan tiers with additional capabilities.

Both tools support regional tax rates and regulations like VAT, and both run as double-entry accounting ledgers suitable for professional accounting services. This is the accounting software that pioneered the use of windows that look like real-life forms. It offers the most features every business needs, such as overdue items, accounting notes, contact data, and more. With a new Pay Now link, users can connect their invoices to credit cards and bank accounts. Wave accounting software’s affordability, unlimited invoices, support for multiple businesses, and receipt scanning make it a perfect choice for freelancers and solopreneurs.

Zoho Books vs QuickBooks: Price, Features & What’s Best in 2024

As a newer company, Wave is more willing to innovate, leading to exciting features like the ability to manage more than one business from a single account. If you feel confident in your accounting abilities, you may like the innovations that a newer software can offer. No Accounting Software will be able to solve all the needs of a specific team. While core features of Wave and QuickBooks are important you should also thoroughly analyze the integrations supported by each product. Very often you will already be using some other B2B software in your company and it’s much wiser to select apps that integrate well with one another.

Best freelance features: Wave Accounting

Wave and QuickBooks offer comparable features for invoicing but the QuickBooks suite of services goes far beyond what Wave offers, so it can better grow with bigger businesses. As a more modern platform, Wave has a simpler and easier-to-navigate user interface (UI) while QuickBooks offers an array of features and tools that require a significant learning curve to navigate. Crucially, Wave also lacks a mobile payroll app for both employees and employers. You can integrate Wave Payroll with Wave Accounting for seamless general ledger updates, but only QuickBooks Payroll will let you check payroll amounts and pay employees on the go. While Wave syncs with third-party time-tracking apps, it doesn’t have a built-in employee time clock or self-service portal.

It’s super easy to create an invoice with Wave, and you can use that template to speed up the process in the future. There’s also a preview feature, so you can see how the invoice will look to your customers. As far as small-business financial management tools go, Wave and QuickBooks both have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s hard to say which one is better—but we can help you decide which one is better for you.

Crush imposter syndrome with Wave’s bookkeeping tools, for business owners at any stage. Simply create your Wave account, set up your business in minutes, and let the magic happen. Kelly Main is staff writer at Forbes Advisor, specializing in testing and reviewing marketing software with a focus on CRM solutions, payment processing solutions, and web design software. Before joining the team, she was a content producer at Fit Small Business where she served as an editor and strategist covering small business marketing content.

This article will break down the major differences for Wave vs. QuickBooks small business accounting software. The payroll feature is one of the few things that you must upgrade your Wave account to get. You can pay employees, of course, but also manage tax compliance, benefits, track vacation time, and more. This simple solution even supports direct deposit, which everyone you work with will love. Meanwhile, QuickBooks Online’s cheapest plan at $30 per month is preferable if you need to track mileage and file 1099s directly from the software.

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With that approach you can guarantee a smooth exchange of data between your teams and services, which can really reduce time spent on migrating between one service and the other. There are so many features in a great freelance accounting software that can make a huge difference in the success of your business. But if you only spend one day uploading your financial information and adding team members, you’ll never take advantage of what is really being offered. Choosing the right freelance accounting software helps you see trends in your expenses and revenue, plan for the future, and stay on top of taxes. Let’s take a look at QuickBooks vs. Wave and see what features and downsides each has to offer. As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Mark has extensive knowledge of QuickBooks products, allowing him to create valuable content that educates businesses on maximizing the benefits of the software.

What features should I look for in accounting software?

Instead, we work closely with our in-house research and testing team to make sure we only make informed, useful suggestions. When comparing accountancy tools like QuickBooks and Wave, we focused on eight categories of interest, including varied criteria like bookkeeping tools, advanced features, and pricing factors. When it comes to affordability, there really is no contest —Wave offers better value than QuickBooks.

However, it doesn’t automate payroll or offer a mailing service for paychecks. Get more information about how it stacks up with our Wave Payroll review. However, unlike Wave Payroll (which syncs natively with Wave Accounting only), QuickBooks Online integrates with more payroll providers than its own in-house payroll software.

This will help you decide which accounting software meets your needs best. Other features you may want to consider include whether the software has a mobile app, how good its customer service is and how well it does with accounts receivable (A/R) and financial reporting. However, like most products with free plans, Wave has its limitations, especially compared to more scalable small-business accounting software. Although Wave’s paid plan offers additional features, it’s still missing some more advanced capabilities, like built-in inventory tracking and audit trails, that growing businesses might need. Among QuickBooks product offerings are add-ons for payroll, a bank account, advanced accounting, employee time tracking and e-commerce inventory management. QuickBooks expense tracking lets you automatically capture information from receipts and track miles, features that make QuickBooks more flexible for a variety of businesses.

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